so. uhm. hi.

10 06 2013

I’m still alive. still ttc. still being shit on by the universe.

a lot has happened in the months since I last really posted. a lot has changed. I’m not sure this space is my happy place or safe space anymore.

i don’t know what to do in this space.

do I share and know that people who I don’t necessarily trust are reading it?

do I leave it be and just let it die until they forget?

do i blog behind a password?

i don’t know what to do. after 6 months away, i have things i want to say. things i want to get out before i forget. but i don’t know what to do anymore.




3 responses

11 06 2013

😦 That’s so hard. I’m so sorry. Would you feel more comfortable joining an online infertility support group? That’s where I post stuff I don’t want anyone IRL to see.

11 06 2013

You need to feel safe… Move your blog or copy and paste to a new one. Leave it unsearchable and only give it to people you want to have it.
I’m sorry this place is no longer your sanctuary. That is not fair 😦

12 06 2013

I second Lucy. I hate that your privacy has been violated…its not right, and beyond unfair. You deserve to have/feel the freedom to get down anything you need to 😦

Love you.

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