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Hi, I’m Jen, aka the one who writes her story here. My husband and I have been trying to conceive our first child together basically since the time of our marriage. We’ve never prevented pregnancy unless mandated by doctors, but have yet to achieve a successful pregnancy in the 6 years + that we have been trying. The Mr has children from his first marriage but they do not reside with us full time. We are a military family and our treatments have been dictated by that life and our moves.

Here’s a bit of a timeline on some of the ‘important’ stuff:


  • AF is being strange- no ovulation noted, using provera to induce cycles due to 90+ day length
  • first lap.aroscopy to remove appendix. hello stage 3 endometriosis and polycystic ovaries.
  • 50 mg clomid- fail. no ovulation, nada.


  • start 1000 mg metformin. AF comes on her own for the first time in over a year.
  • HSG #1- all clear
  • 150mg clomid, CD13 scan reveals 5 mature follies, trigger, no successful pregnancy
  • 150 mg clomid, CD13 scan reveals 6 mature follies, trigger, possible chemical pregnancy
  • MA hold due to deployment
  • 2nd laparoscopy to remove further endo.


  • resume MA, urologist tells us that we have a very slim chance of conceiving a healthy pregnancy on our own
  • decide to postpone further cycles until after we move


  • attempt cycling on our own with soy isoflavones
  • reconsult with new urologist post move- we have a 0.001% chance of conceiving on our own, much less having it be a healthy pregnancy


  • consult with new RE and decide to move forward with donor gametes
  • HSG #2-clear. Bloodwork- all good. Let’s do this.
  • 100 mg clomid- IUI CD19, heavy bleeding at 12-14 DPO, BFP at 17DPO(surprise)
  • Low beta’s, progesterone therapy, and spotting occur
  • first scan at 6w3d reveals evidence of a tubal pregnancy. devastated. immediately stop progesterone and repeat betas every 24 hrs in hopes that my levels will go down and will not require surgery
  • levels begin to drop at 24 hrs, and continue dropping. m/c at 7w1d
  • take one cycle off to allow body to rest
  • 150 mg clomid- canceled due to overstim and early LH surge
  • 100 mg clomid- IUI CD 18, BFP!! Beta #1-20, beta #2- 23. chemical pregnancy. m/c at 4w5d
  • RPL testing run- no reason for losses


  • reconsult with RE, decide to switch donors and drugs
  • letrozole and IUI #3- BFP, chemical, m/c at 4w2d
  • we’re done. no more MA for 6-12 months. taking time to heal our hearts.
  • surprise natural bfp against all odds after a cross country move, m/c at 5 weeks


  • another natural bfp, m/c at 6w4d
  • rest cycle to try and cope with the mental chaos
  • natural bfp, m/c at 4w1d
  • trying natural supplements for a cycle, then heading back to the rollercoaster
  • natural bfp while on supplements, m/c at 4w3d
  • possible chemical pregnancy? squinter test but AF showed same day
  • on a break due to military life


  • natural bfp, off most supplements, m/c at 5w4d
  • mentally DONE. on hold until July 2014. Avoiding, not preventing.


Please note that I have not included everything and will not include it all for privacy reasons. Most of what is noted is relevant to our MA journey and the events beyond that time, and I have not documented everything that has happened on this blog.


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5 04 2011

Hey girl! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging 🙂 I love it here, and can’t believe I waited so long to join in on the fun. Really though, I started blogging as a place to get all my feeling out of my head, and it has turned into the most incredible support system I could have ever imagined. I hope that you find as much support here as I have!
Best of luck to you on your journey.

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