TTC Lingo

2WW-2 Week wait
AFAunt Flo (ie: period)
BBT-Basal Body Temperature
BCP-Birth Control Pills
BFP-Big Fat Positive
BFN-Big Fat Negative
CD-Cycle Day
CF- Cervical Fluid
CM- Cervical Mucus
CNM-Certified Nurse Midwife
D&C-Dilation and Curettege. The surgery after a miscarriage when your body does not properly flush out tissues and cells, to prevent infection.
DI- Donor Insemination
DPO-Days Post Ovulation
DS– Donor Sperm

EDD-Estimated due date
EPT-Early Pregnancy Test
ET-Embryo Transfer
EWCM-Egg White Cervical Mucus
FF-Fertility Friend
FMU-First Morning Urine
FRER-First Response Early Result (HPT)
HCG-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
HPT-Home Pregnancy Test
HRT-Hormone Replacement Therapy
IC-Internet Cheapie (HPT)
IPS-Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms
IUI- Intra-uterine Insemination
IVF- In Vitro Fertilization
LMP-Last Menstrual Period (start date)
LH-Hormone detected by the OPK
LP-Luteal Phase
LPD-Luteal Phase Defect
MFI-Male Factor Infertility
M/S-Morning Sickness
NPNurse Practitioner
O-Ovulation. Variants: Oed, Oing
OPK-Ovulation Predictor Kit
PI-Primary Infertility
PMS-Pre-menstrual Syndrome
POF-Premature Ovarian Failure
POAS-Pee On a Stick
RE-Reproductive Endocrinologist (aka: Fertility Dr.)
RPS-Real Pregnancy Symptoms
SA-Semen Analysis
SI-Secondary Infertility
SMU-Second morning urine
TTA-Trying To Avoid
TTCTrying To Conceive
VR-Vasectomy Reversal


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